Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to imUfer.com!
Thanks for your interest in our services !
By using our Services, you agree to these terms (the “imUfer.com Terms”).

1. imUfer.com warrants used mechanical merchandise including engines, transmissions, axles and electrical for 90 days. Engine accessories are not guaranteed, but left on for convenience. If heat tabs are melted or missing warranty is void. Bolt on components such as water pump, throttle bodies, and manifold, etc. are not covered under warranty. Timing belt, seals and gaskets must be replaced at the time of install and are not covered but imUfer.com.
2. Improper detent adjustment, low fluid level, failure to install new filter (AT only), broken front pump, or improper installation void all warranties on transmissions. All seals and gaskets must be replaced at the time on installation. Transmissions line and cooler must be flushed.
3. All body part must be inspected by purchaser at time of delivery. Upon acceptance all sales are final. Color matches are not guaranteed. All sheet metals, body cuts and glass are sold as is.
4. All cores must be returned within 30 days to receive refund. Cores must be complete and drained. A $35 dollar fee will be charged if core is not drained of all fluids.
5. Any Part returned for warranty claim, must be shipped back freight prepaid to our shop in United States.
6. We will at our discretion refund or replace defective part after our inspection. We assume not responsibility for improper installation and diagnosis.
7. imUfer.com Parts will accept no liability or responsibility for labor costs, towing and storage or other costs incurred to repair or replaced any part sold by us.
8. Extended warranties are available for parts and labor. See sales person for details.
9. Store credit will only be valid for one year and in store products only.
Charge Customers
Terms of all accounts due and payable 15th of the month following purchase date. Past due account are subject to finance charge of 1.5% per month (18% annual rate) which will be applied to outstanding balance. Customer also agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees and/or collections fees.
Check Customers
Customer agrees to pay reasonable attorney and/or collection fees related to any type of check not honored by or returned by the banks for any reason.

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